Playing Pirates in Pasadena

One of the great things about living in L.A. is being able to play outside with your kids all year round. And one of the greatest places to play is the Pirate Park in Pasadena – a.k.a. Reese’s Retreat in Brookside Park. Now the Pirate Park is one of Pasadena’s best-kept kid secrets, but I’m going to share it with you, since we’re internet buds. Actually, this super awesome playground was personally recommended to me by a random parent I…Read More.

Star-Struck: The Griffith Park Observatory

By Ross Mihalko Lots of people come to Hollywood hoping to see celebrities. But when I want to see some real stars, I go to the Griffith Park Observatory. I know you’ve seen it, the cool, white, domed building sitting high atop the Hollywood hills. It’s been right there, open to the public, since 1935, but have you ever really been there yourself? If your answer is no, then you better get going, cause you’re missing something really cool. And…Read More.

Dining in style aboard the Queen Mary

By Ross Mihalko If you’re planning a visit to beautiful Long Beach, California, you might want to consider spending a night with the Queen – the Queen Mary, that is. The Queen Mary is, of course, the legendary luxury British ocean liner that is now living in Los Angeles. The ship’s eighty-year history is almost as rich and delicious as the buffet of wonderful experiences that she offers guests today. Built in the 1930’s, the Queen Mary was created to…Read More.

White Christmas in Los Angeles

By Ross Mihalko One of the reasons I moved from New England to Los Angeles is the amazingly beautiful California weather. Living in L.A. means lots and lots of sunshine and mostly mild temperatures and that’s just fine with me. But when the holidays roll around at the end of the year, I do find myself dreaming of a white Christmas. Luckily, there are a few really cool options for enjoying snow in L.A. during the most wonderful time of…Read More.

Pantages Theater: The Best of Broadway in L.A.

By Ross Mihalko You don’t have to leave L.A. to see a great Broadway show, no, sir. The best of Broadway can be seen right on Hollywood Boulevard at the historic Pantages Theater. For over half a century, the theater has been a hotspot of Los Angeles entertainment. In the past, it was a popular movie house with live vaudeville acts between the features and it even hosted a number of lavish movie premiere galas. In 1953, it became home…Read More.

Make history at the Santa Monica Pier

By Ross Mihalko Want to add some fun to your Life in L.A.? You should visit the wonderful world above the waves at the historical and sensational Santa Monica Pier. From food to fishing to fabulous thrills, the Santa Monica Pier has something for everyone. The pier itself has been entertaining visitors from around the world since it’s grand opening in 1909. One of the biggest draws early on was the incredible fishing that the 1,600 foot long structure offered….Read More.

Life in LA: Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In

The need to unwind and shake ourselves loose on a regular basis is a part of the build and make up of every Angeleno. There is a reason places of entertainment can be found within a short distance of each other. Life in Los Angeles can get you wound up like a clock and you just have to get out there and find a way to unwind. The sad thing is that even with this many entertainment options sometimes we…Read More.

The Museum of Flying in Santa Monica

We Angelenos live in a really great city. Life in LA can truly be a blast, but living here is really nothing like those movie makers make it out to be. We have fine weather, plenty of activities, jobs, great beaches, deserts and lush mountains, but life is so hectic that people often miss out on enjoying the treasures sitting right under their nose. Take the Museum of Flying for example. It sits there at the entrance of the Santa…Read More.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Hearing Angelenos say they have never been to the Dodgers Stadium is just one of the most unbelievable things you’ll ever hear. Life in LA is hectic, but it is also all about getting out and enjoying the city. If you live in LA and have never experienced the Los Angeles Dodgers live at the stadium, you are not living. That would be more like you being here in the land of the living, but you’re not really here. It’s…Read More.

Have you ever been to the Grammy Museum?

If we were to try and capture life in Los Angeles in one picture, it would be like a beautiful yet complex mosaic with the simple theme throughout – THIS IS TRULY LA. Even as locals, we would totally fail in any attempt to give a full description of Los Angeles in one sitting. Not even the movie makers have gotten it right all these years. That is simply because the diversity here is so wide that even after living…Read More.