Take Me Out to the Ballgame

July 28, 2013 by LAbite
Dodger Stadium is a hub of LA life

Hearing Angelenos say they have never been to the Dodgers Stadium is just one of the most unbelievable things you’ll ever hear. Life in LA is hectic, but it is also all about getting out and enjoying the city.

If you live in LA and have never experienced the Los Angeles Dodgers live at the stadium, you are not living. That would be more like you being here in the land of the living, but you’re not really here. It’s like living in America, but totally missing out on the American experience. Even those who are not diehard baseball fans know that a trip to the stadium to take in the iconic LA Dodgers is like an unbreakable tradition. It is like wearing a badge of honor.

Parking and Traffic

The issues of parking and traffic are part and parcel with LA city life so you just have to deal with it and go have some fun. Break away from the TV set and enjoy the euphoria that comes from actually being in the midst of it all.

Leave early for the game and hang around a bit after it has ended. Parking is $10 and bottleneck is crazy so make sure to avoid all that and make the most of your parking. Arrive early and go hang out at any of the joints before the game starts, and then do the same when it’s time to leave. It is best to allow the traffic rush out of there to subside before hitting the roads.

Another option is the Dodger Stadium Express from Union Station. If it allows for easy commute from where you live then that is definitely the way to go. The Dodgers Stadium is where fans come to throw their support behind their team and set the stadium alight with cheers and good fun so expect to be caught up in the moment.

Reliving that Childhood Experience

Even if they moved miles away, those who had a taste of the stadium as a child often find themselves coming back to relive that childhood experience. It is one those things that simply sticks with you throughout life. DoYer dogs are synonymous with Dodger Stadium. It is one of the tastiest food in Los Angeles and a must have. Even if you have never had it before, just grab one and you’ll soon know why everyone around you is stuffing themselves with the delectable treat while seemingly never skipping a beat cheering on the “Boys in the Blue” or bemoaning a play they did not like.

The great weather conditions that LA experiences for most of the year, coupled with the wonderful views of the beautiful hills surrounding the park add their touch of magic to the entire atmosphere. Fans enjoy an unobstructed view of the players on the field so they really do not miss out on any of those highly anticipated swings or pitches. The recent upgrade of the stadium has made life more comfortable for its visitors. These include the restrooms and the fancy HD scoreboards.

Enjoying the Retro Ballpark in Fine Style

As it is the third oldest major stadium, one will understand why Dodger Stadium holds its own with pride even against the more modern and fancier stadiums. You really have to understand the history of this classic ballpark to appreciate the love and loyalty that the people living in LA show for this place.

It forms a most important part of our lives and the American dream on this side of the nation. The familiar strains of the live organ playing well known show tunes from the olden days warms the heart of the people throughout the stadium.

Dodger Stadium is not just a place for die-hard fans. People who don’t even care for the game of baseball come here just to enjoy the thrill that comes from being in the stadium. It is all a part of the authentic life in Los Angeles experience.

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