The Museum of Flying in Santa Monica

July 31, 2013 by LAbite
Los Angeles Museum of Flying

We Angelenos live in a really great city. Life in LA can truly be a blast, but living here is really nothing like those movie makers make it out to be. We have fine weather, plenty of activities, jobs, great beaches, deserts and lush mountains, but life is so hectic that people often miss out on enjoying the treasures sitting right under their nose. Take the Museum of Flying for example. It sits there at the entrance of the Santa Monica Airport under-explored and under-appreciated simply because many locals are not even aware it’s there. That is such a shame because this place really rocks.

If you are one of those people who have never been there, you are certainly missing out. It is jewel of a museum. Everything about it – from its design to its contents – bears a theme of: FUN! EXCITEMENT! EDUCATION!

The space is small, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in contents and activities. This is a great place for the entire family. It serves as a great learning stimulation for kids who are interested in anything related to aviation. There are a lot of interactive things for them to do, and that includes getting into the cockpit of a plane and having an attendant answer all their queries.

Things to See and Do at the Museum of Flying

The Museum of Flying is not just for kids! Adults have a whale of time finding their inner child and get just as eager and excited about all the cool planes that are housed there. We are talking about over 30 different military and civilian aircrafts. One of the coolest you’ll find there is a replica of the Wright Brothers first plane. The museum is designed with the nose of a plane protruding from one of the walls. How cool is that? It is the nose of an old FedEx plane that the contractor integrated into the design. People are allowed to sit in the cockpit of that plane, and that makes for great fun.

The museum also carries a flight simulator that kids never seem to get enough of. The experience leaves them teeming with excitement. There are just so many things packed into this little museum. It is a great place for that perfect family trip. You will enjoy the added treat of watching planes take off and land. Families can also enjoy a meal at the picnic tables that are close by or go to grab a bite at one of the Los Angeles restaurants that is not far away.

Parking is free and there is no hassle traveling to the museum. Its prime location also allows for easy access to restaurants, hotels and shopping facilities in the nearby beach city of Santa Monica and others like it.

Living in Los Angeles: Not a Dull Moment

Living in LA comes with numerous perks. The Museum of Flying is just one of the many treasures that Angelenos miss out on. Oh that the people could really start to relish the experience the city really has to offer. A day of fun and excitement is always just a choice away.

If you ever find yourself thinking about what to for a day out with friends or family you can never go wrong with the Museum of Flying. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and excellent with children. There is just so much going on in that little space, and the excitement it generates makes it all worth it.

There is too much to do for life in LA to be a drag. There are numerous events in Los Angeles and far too many fun things to do and see here. Get the most out of Los Angeles living! All it takes is a little planning, and then getting out there to enjoy the city. makes meals simple!

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